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Giocare con i suoni

Since 1985, a music school addressed to everyone. On the shores of Lake Monate, in Cadrezzate (VA), the association offers an intimate and suggestive environment where you can experiment with sound, music, singing, bodily expression and creative research.

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Take a trial lesson with our teachers and get in touch with music. We offer classes at all levels and for any age, with quality and professionalism, also in Spanish.

Our classes

Music for everyone

Giocare con i suoni offers music lessons for students of any age and any level. Each student is guided in learning the techniques, theoretical concepts and practical aspects of each instrument, following an engaging approach and stimulating the musician’s creativity.

Singing classes

Singing lessons of any type. The student is professionally guided through breathing and self-observation techniques in order to master the most natural musical instrument that you have: your own voice.


Our classes

Music for pregnant moms, newborns and toddlers

The voice, the mother’s singing and music in general are dynamic supports that are essential for the neuro-sensorial, emotional, affective and intellectual development of the fetus, and also of the newborns and children. We offer specific courses for children, newborns and pregnant mothers.

A mother’s voice

Guided singing and listening course for pregnant women. The mother communicates with her child in the womb through her voice, her rhythmic breathing and her heartbeat. This set of sounds instills confidence in the baby and helps him to grow harmoniously.


Music classes for newborns

Preparatory course for babies from three months of age onwards. Music in early childhood expands mental abilities, memorization, availability for affection and communication.


Music classes for toddlers

Music course for children aged 5-6. Through the instinctive, playful and spontaneous discovery of music, the path provides the child with tools that stimulate psychomotor skills, imagination and creativity.


Our school

Giocare con i suoni

A center that makes music and the education of the individual his reason for living.

The musical association “Giocare con i suoni” is located in Cadrezzate (VA). It is an intimate and evocative place between the shore of the lake and the trees, open to all those who feel in their depths that the magic of sound is something more than a background. Music is the rhythm that marks the life of all of us, and that accompanies us from the womb to old age, making us grow and evolve continuously. In “Giocare con i suoni” we accompany individuals of any age to discover and learn about music and their creativity, placing ourselves as a place of culture and healthy growth for children, young peolple and elderlies.


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Playing with sounds

See what our students can do

A short video that show our students playing and having fun with us!

The music school

Meet our teachers

In Giocare con i suoni we are a family, before a music school. Our teachers, multifaceted and established artists in the sector, guide students in learning musical concepts in a professional and engaging way, stimulating the creativity and individual skills of each student.

Rodolfo Airoldi

Guitar, bass and theory classes

Rahién Testa

Dance classes and drums classes

Susana Beatriz-Alvear

Director, singing, children classes


They say about us...

Gioele Mombelli

Giocare con i suoni è stato il luogo in cui ho avuto il mio primo approccio alla musica. Le coinvolgenti lezioni del maestro Rodolfo mi hanno fatto innamorare della chitarra e del suo suono, e ancora oggi, dopo 15 anni dalla prima lezione, quella passione non mi ha abbandonato. Grazie, maestro Rodo!

Lorenzo Gadolini

Io e mio fratello abbiamo iniziato a suonare la chitarra qualche anno prima di conoscere Giocare con i Suoni. Rodolfo ci ha accolti e guidati attraverso un percorso e un'impostazione nuova, complementare rispetto a quella che avevamo già ricevuto. Qualunque sia il livello di preparazione con cui ci si presenti, Rodolfo, Rahién e tutta la famiglia di Giocare con i Suoni sono pronti ad accoglierti e ad arricchirti con qualcosa di nuovo.

Claudia Lucchini

Sono Claudia, ho 21 anni e frequento le lezioni di canto in questa scuola da circa un anno. Che dire? L’insegnante Susana è una donna fantastica! Super professionale, mi ha coinvolta al 100% nelle attività della scuola facendomi appassionare lezione dopo lezione sempre di più alla musica. Ho potuto apprendere quanto il canto sia fondamentale anche per la mente e per il corpo, una vera scoperta! Ho avuto occasione di conoscere anche Rodolfo e Rahien, gli insegnanti di chitarra e batteria, due ragazzi splendidi e veramente preparati! Consiglierei questa scuola proprio a tutti, grandi e piccini!

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