Giocare con i suoni

Our philosophy

A cultural association that makes music and the education of the individual its reason for living.

In Cadrezzate (VA), between the lake and the trees, the headquarters of Giocare con i suoni welcomes students of all ages every day. This intimate and evocative place is open to all those who feel in their depths that the magic of sound is something more than the song that plays on the radio, than a simple background. Music is the rhythm that marks the life of all of us: from the womb to old age, sounds accompany and shape us, making us grow and evolve in ways that we cannot even suspect.

Susana Beatriz Alvear, the director, always opens the door of the music school with a smile. Born in Chile and artistically raised in Europe, to be precise in Italy, Susana was trained as a classical opera singer and is an expert in bel canto techniques, boasting over twenty-five years of experience in the field of music teaching, especially for children.

The association has as a priority goal to be a place of healthy growth for young and old. Organize courses, parties, concerts and moments of constructive encounter.

Susana and her family’s project is particularly renowned for children’s music teaching. Teachers are able to mask the cognitive and psychomotor development processes necessary for learning music behind the narration of engaging stories and games that form and help children to learn while having fun. The teaching method of Giocare con i suoni, however, is suitable for everyone, starting from children from three months of age, and helps the little ones to grow in a harmonious and peaceful way.

The association, year after year, has expanded its offer, introducing courses reserved for “expectant mothers”, musical education courses for children and musical preparatory courses for newborns.