Rodolfo Airoldi


Experience: 30 years
Specialization: Classic guitar and folk singing


My classes

Classic and fingerstyle guitar lessons from students of any age and every skill level.

Solo guitar and rythmic guitar lessons from students of any age and of any skill level. There will also be a focus on the technical and technological aspects of the electric guitar, including effects and amplification.

Bass guitar lessons for students of any age and starting from every skill level.

Music theory lessons fo everyone that wants to have a solid background.

About me

Young artist. His studies began at the age of 3 directly on the stage. He attended various prestigious schools of music and singing, including “I minipolifonici di Milano”, the Gallarate conservatory and the “Teatro alla Scala” in Milan. His guitar experience led him to the Italian art scene,always experimenting with Spanish, classical, Latin American, blues and rock sounds.